- Improvements and training for the YMCA website

The YMCA is a charity that provides the opportunities, resources and support so that our community and its young people can belong, contribute and thrive.

Web Development

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Building a Profitability SaaS App with Cutting-Edge Technologies

We built a cutting-edge SaaS application to help businesses optimize profitability. This involved utilizing a modern tech stack including Next.js, TypeScript, FastAPI, Supabase, Prisma, Google Cloud, Workflow, GitHub Actions, Playwright, and leveraging 4 robust data pipelines.

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Exploring the Future with AI

At Updata Group, we're passionate about pushing boundaries and exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Beyond client projects, we foster a culture of innovation by dedicating resources to in-house initiatives. This allows us to experiment with cutting-edge AI techniques and develop tools that benefit both our team and the broader tech landscape.

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