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Updata Group crafts data-driven software solutions enriched with intuitive design and engaging animations, embodying our commitment to 'Insightful Software, Inspired Design' for every project.

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  • Phobia
  • Family Fund
  • Unseal
  • Mail Smirk
  • Home Work
  • Green Life
  • Bright Path
  • North Adventures

Harnessing technology for a brighter future

We leverage the power of AI to tackle complex challenges, transforming data into actionable insights for a smarter, more sustainable future. Our approach is about using technology not just to innovate, but to make a meaningful impact.


Case study

Skip the bank, borrow from those you trust

FamilyFund is a crowdfunding platform for friends and family. Allowing users to take personal loans from their network without a traditional financial institution.


Case study

Get a hodl of your health

Unseal is the first NFT platform where users can mint and trade NFTs of their own personal health records, allowing them to take control of their data.


Case study

Overcome your fears, find your match

Find love in the face of fear — Phobia is a dating app that matches users based on their mutual phobias so they can be scared together.

I'm thoroughly impressed with Updata Group innovative approach to AI and data analysis. The user experience is seamless, making complex solutions accessible and practical. It's clear that this team is committed to using technology for real-world impact. Highly recommended for anyone seeking cutting-edge AI solutions!


Services - We help you identify, explore and respond to new opportunities.

As long as those opportunities involve giving us money to re-purpose old projects — we can come up with an endless number of those.

  • Web development. We specialize in crafting visually stunning and functionally robust websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Next.js. Our approach combines aesthetic appeal with user-centric design, ensuring that every site we build is not just a digital space, but a dynamic experience.
  • AI-Driven Data Analysis and Tools. Harnessing the power of Python and advanced AI algorithms, we create bespoke data analysis tools and SaaS products. Our solutions range from sophisticated data scraping to in-depth analysis, turning complex data into valuable insights and actionable strategies.
  • Application Development. Leveraging Typescript and Next.js, we build responsive and scalable web applications. Our development process is centered around creating efficient, user-friendly apps tailored to meet the unique demands of your business.
  • E-Commerce Solutions. Combining the flexibility of Webflow with the backend prowess of Prisma and SQL, we deliver custom e-commerce platforms. Our solutions are designed to provide an engaging shopping experience, integrating your brand seamlessly with the latest online retail technologies.
  • Custom Content Management Systems (CMS). We utilize PHP and the robust infrastructure of the Google Cloud Platform to develop powerful, custom CMS solutions. Our focus is on creating intuitive, scalable CMS that streamline content management and enhance your digital presence.
  • Fast API Development. We use FastAPI to quickly develop high-performance APIs that are crucial for modern web applications. Our expertise ensures that your applications are not only fast but also reliable and secure.

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